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(This picture was provided by user wcu32 on the Catamount Sports Forum)

Alumni back in mid 2000's

Some of alumni in picture in Front: Tommy Malchesky, Matt Raleigh, JP Burwell, Matt Stillwell, Clark Maxwell, Rodney Hennon, Joe Jack Sellers, Steve Harris, Eric Whitson,
Standing: Mike Tidick, Brian Hutchinson, Jeff Graham, Blue, Roy Hurst, Dave McKay, Jeremy Bruce, Chris Moore, Aaron Kirby, Coach Leggett, Coach Leclair, Skip Nelloms, Coach Raleigh

Philip Grundy, Frankie Ward, Eric Turnrose, Charles Thomas, Jason Beverlin

This season we are trying to celebrate/acknowledge the tradition of baseball here at WCU. You are only as strong as your base and we would like to open current students and other fans eyes to the fact that baseball support here at Western used to be a lot more than just a few devoted screwballs on a hill. Along with a traditionally strong baseball program the Catamounts used to enjoy a very hearty atmosphere in Fortress Cullowhee provided by hundreds of fans packing Speedwell road above the baseball field for every game. We are looking for old photos of WCU baseball games specifically showing Speedwell Rd. during a game when the road was filled with epic rowdiness. If you have any photographs or stories to share from recent seasons or if you are alumni and have some memories to share with us please do. When I try to explain to people that what we do on the hill now pales in comparison to the support the Catamount baseball team used to enjoy I fail to fully describe the amazing atmosphere without having pictures or other evidence to back up my claims. We are not trying to live in the past, rather showcase the amazing support and atmosphere the Catamounts used to enjoy so we can have ambitions to return to that level and go beyond. The Cats with bats certainly deserve it and I for one cannot wait for February 14th to start spring cleaning by sweeping that Ohio rubbish outa town.

History and Tradition

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