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SOCON Champs, victory shower... 5.12.13

Fortress Cullowhee chant during Clemsuck Game, 4/9/13.

Game 2 on the Season. Winning out with SNOW coming down. This game won the series against WSU (2.16.13).

This video was taken during the UNCA game washout. Our players laying it down, literally, showing off their "Rain Delay Antics". Too funny!

Nice compilation of WCU vs ETSU showing some great hitting as well as some filthy pitching on the mound and great defense  

Game 1 of SoCon Tourney. Video by and WCU Athletics Dept. WCU 13 Samford 7.

High Five Line... because we want to be like the players

A Potato Gun and a Gong. Need we say more?

Serious Wall of Snow approaching while players run to left center to receive the ever sacred, Victory Shower. Game 2 on the season vs WSU. 2.16.13

Studtastic Defensive Plays by WCU Baseball Alum Ross Heffley (2nd Base). Against Davidson; 2012.


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